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[How to make nut cookies (original & chocolate)]_ Homemade methods for nut cookies (original & chocolate) _How to make nut cookies (original & chocolate) _nut cookies (original)& Chocolate) how to make

Increasing work pressure makes many people unwilling to cook by themselves. Of course, it is also related to the difficulty of cooking. In fact, not all dishes require complex procedures, and there are many delicious home-made dishes that are very simple to make.This is the case with Kernel Cookies (Original & Chocolate).
1. Prepare the materials 2. Prepare the nuts and cake molds 3. Remove the butter from the refrigerator 3 hours in advance to thaw, break up the butter, add 40 grams of white sugar and mix until it melts 4. Add half an egg paste and mix, then separate3/5 and 2/5 buttered egg yolks, each on two plates and set aside 5. Use 2/5 of buttered egg yolks, add chocolate sauce and 170 grams of flour and mix well for 6 and 5 minutesNo. 3 butter and egg paste, add the remaining 40 grams of sugar and half of the egg paste and mix well, then add 230 grams of flour and mix evenly. 7. Spread tin foil on the baking sheet, and use the original cookie materials with a heart-shaped biscuit mold.Press and pour to make the bottom of the cake, and then put the nuts on the bottom of the cake. The nuts should be pressed into the cake slightly, put in the grid in the oven, bake up and down for 20 minutes at 190 degrees 9, and cover the baking sheet with tin foil.Use a heart-shaped biscuit mold to pour the chocolate cake material by hand to pour out the cake base, and then put the nuts on the cake base. Press the nuts slightly into the cake 10, also put it in the oven, and bake at 190 degrees up and down 20Min.11, the baked nut crackers are full of butter and crispy at the entrance.堆Just starting to share and heat.
The practice of nut cookies (original & chocolate) can be learned by even children aged 6 or 7, so do you understand?
However, you must take the right amount in the process of eating, or friends who are taking medicine should not eat this kind of food. Eating correctly will make you more and more healthy.