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[How to make pumpkin glutinous rice cake]_ pumpkin _ how to make _ how to make

Pumpkin glutinous rice cakes are popular with friends because of their sweet taste and crispy texture, especially children who like to eat sweets.

In addition, pumpkin is rich in vitamins and trace elements, which can effectively supplement the human body and is beneficial to human health.

Pumpkin glutinous rice cake is also often used as a dessert.

So, what is the practice of pumpkin glutinous rice cake?

First, peel the pumpkin and steam it in a steamer.

Squeeze the pumpkin with a spoon, add glutinous rice flour, condensed milk and sugar, and knead to form a dough.

Next, add the dough into small doses.

Put the small dose on the steamer and steam it for about 20 minutes after steaming.

It should be a little cooler when it is uncovered, because it is hot just after being steamed.

The glutinous rice balls are steamed in a pan, so they are cooked well when frying, so don’t worry if they don’t fry inside.

Then, knead the red bean paste into small balls, which are divided into small noodles.

Next, apply vegetable oil with both hands to take a piece of pumpkin seed, and press it into a round cake manually.

Place a bean paste filling in the center of the cake.

Use the tiger’s mouth to wrap the dough with bean paste; close the mouth downwards, hold the palm again and press into a cake shape, sprinkle black sesame seeds, and press slightly to fix the sesame seeds.

Finally, brush the pan with oil, heat it and put the pumpkin pie embryo, and fry until there are sparks on both sides.

Out of the pan.

The crispy pumpkin glutinous rice cake is finished, the cascade is high, and it should be moderately consumed.

Pumpkin has more nutritional ingredients and higher nutritional value.

In addition, glutinous rice is a kind of warm and strong food, which has the effects of nourishing the qi and strengthening the spleen, nourishing the spleen, nourishing the stomach, and suppressing asthma.