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[How to save newly picked gourds]_How to save_How to save

Gourds are well understood. When the gourd is not particularly mature, it can be eaten and has good nutritional effects. When the gourd is fully mature, it can be saved by a certain method, which has a certain evil-proofing effect. Many people alsoI like to play gourds. In order to keep the freshly picked gourds well, it takes a certain method. We need to deal with them. Let ‘s find out.

How to save the newly picked gourd? First of all, you must first determine whether this gourd is old. If it is not old, it will be stubborn. If it is old, hang it up and dry it. If you want to dry the gourd into a jug, you can use it.Tie its pedicle to the rope, and then hang him without touching the wall or the ground.

Because once you lean on it, it may be oppressed and then bruised, and the deterioration of the long inner side causes the entire gourd to rot.

So floating is the key.

How to deal with freshly picked gourds 1. Do not expose to the sun, the sun will shrink into wrinkled skin, and it should be dried naturally in a cool, dry and ventilated environment.

2. Don’t make holes in the gourd, as this will destroy the quality of the gourd and produce mildew from the wound.

3, five gourd into a dry time to remove the skin gourd, gourd peeled had been present serious shrink, because gourd and gourd of water loss because of excessive lignification bottom.

To wait for the water gourd skin peeled natural volatiles will basically deflated (by telephone cards, bank cards can) 4, the maturity of bad gourd thin, low lignification or rotten, not much conservation value,but some of shrinkage is the positive regulation treasures.

Peeled fresh gourd method: Step 1: To choose the skin color of white gourd skin to fight, if gourd skin color is green skin is best not to play, even if you are forced to fight skin, the dried gourd most will not live down.

Step 2: Start from the top hoist, hoist with bamboo gently scrape the skin.

(No plastic card is available bamboo, bamboo chopsticks tail) Step 3: pay attention to protect the child gourd stalk of grass, not to break the skin in the process of playing.

Step 4: the first half to break out, played the leather gourd grass was green.

Step 5: Then the whole hoist turn over, all the skin.

Step 6: hoist should hit the bottom of a clean skin, skin not hit the bottom of the cleaner as easy to mold.

Step 7: fight skin when you can use your legs grip hoist, scraping from the top down, more effort.

Step 8: After playing all the best iron shavings lightly polished look gourd skin, the skin does not hit the local rub down.

(Preferably dishwashing scouring pad or sub Gansi flesh) Step 9: The alkaline dip outer surface hoist.

Step 10: The Deal gourd hanging in the shade, do not touch the ground.

(Do not put the duct at, easy to make gourd dry too fast, wrinkles) Step 11: After drying for several days to dry in the sun, watching gourd skin color changes decided drying time.