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[Can leaflet hyperplasia eat shrimp]_ leaflet hyperplasia _ prawn _ can eat

After getting lobular hyperplasia, breasts need maintenance now. Long-term inattention may cause the disease to worsen. Not only to take medications, but also to combine diet. Although prawns are more common seafood nowadays, they are also rich in protein., Is very nutritious, under normal circumstances patients with lobular hyperplasia can eat.

Can breast hyperplasia eat shrimp?

Hyperplasia of the breast is the most common type of breast disease in women. Although it can eat shrimp in the early stages of breast hyperplasia?

Shrimp is a kind of high protein and high protein. It is a food that is good for the human body. It is reasonable to eat shrimp. Shrimp metabolizes high protein and has high nutrition. Eating in moderation is good for the human body.Benefits for Cancer Healers.

But the first thing to note is that when eating shrimp, do not eat with vitamin C.

This is because the shrimp in the seawater usually contains pentavalent arsenic. When eaten with vitamin C, the trivalent kun is easy to form, and the trivalent kun is the main component of arsenic.

Although shrimp with a large amount of vitamin C can be harmful to humans, for the sake of caution, do not eat with vitamin C together with shrimp.

And patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands can eat shrimp, but eat them in moderation.

In the introduction of breast hyperplasia can eat shrimp.

Hypertension patients should pay attention to the diet taboos: 1, avoid coffee, cocoa, chocolate and other foods.

These foods contain a large amount of xanthine, which can cause breast hyperplasia, so women should eat less of these foods.

2. Drinking alcohol is also considered to be the enemy of breast disease.

Studies have found that women who drink white wine every day greatly increase their chances of developing breast tumors.

3. Women’s abuse of estrogen-containing health products or long-term use of beauty cosmetics, and long-term excessive use of estrogen by menopausal women are considered to be the causes of breast disease.

4, avoid spicy and irritating condiments or foods, such as ginger, garlic, pepper, chives, pepper, fried food, animal droppings, sweets and excessive tonic.

After introducing whether breast hyperplasia can eat shrimp and some taboos, gynecologists from Taizhou Gulou Hospital introduced that although it is likely to become cancerous.

Therefore, after discovery, treatment should be actively carried out.